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Dog Kennels Kennel fence

Let your puppy play and grow safely

Are you an owner of a new puppy? Gift your puppy a playpen that is safe for it to grow and play in. The playpen will also keep your household things safe from a teething puppy!


Our dog kennels, fences, and pens are

made out of the safest and the most

durable materials.

Let Your Adorable Dogs Run and Play Freely

Dogs love being outdoors. Let your dog spend more time outside your house in a safe and protected area with a dog kennel. A kennel can protect your dog from other animals and also keep your neighbors safe if you have an aggressive dog.


Let Madison Fence of Baltimore, MD help you provide your dogs with a healthy and safe place to run, play, and grow. Choose from our wide variety of dog kennels, fences, and pens.

Why choose our services?

A bit of fresh air and sunshine

can keep your dogs healthy and

happy always. Our dog kennels

and fences will provide them

with both safety and fun!

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  • Family-owned and operated

  • Locally owned and operated

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  • Guaranteed services

Strong and sturdy kennels

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